New screenplay

I woke up this morning and decided to get my old screenplay I had written in college out of my closet and finish it. I hope to have it in the next stage of editing by Christmas.
This is gonna be epic.

More to follow.

Who knew about the Venice Canals in CA?


Was it just me or did it take a few years before stumbling upon the Venice Canals in Venice, CA?
When I heard people talking about it I thought it was a joke, because I am quite gullible, however they do exist!

My dear friend and I went exploring there yesterday ( she has never been and has lived here quite a while), and I thought I would post this question:

Who has been to the Venice Canals, and how long did you live in LA before you saw it?
Also, I want to know more secret wonders hidden in the vast city we call Los Angeles!
Please comment below, and let me know your favorite places to escape to or explore!





This last picture is driving away from the Canals ..I know it’s not really apart of the canal experience, but goodness what a view!