“Covered” California?

Like most of the single mid-twenties individuals living in CA, I signed up for health insurance under covered California with the belief that I too could maintain my relationship with my Doctors. This belief along with united coverage and less stress on how to pay $200+ every month was the wrangler for me. And yet, here I am, sick, hurting and the Doctors I have been told are in my network are, in fact, not. The websites are not factual and the money I’m paying every month is for….what exactly?

I’ve been told by the multiple doctors that I can pay in full ($150-$200) just to step into the office with the hope that my insurance will reimburse me….
I’ve tried many many times to talk to someone over at the blue shield of California to get answers…and no one will answer..I’ve waited over an hour sometimes; that waiting music is the pits.

I can’t see a general physician because the Covered California under the Affordable Care Act doesn’t have their Act together!

How can myself along with many others remedy this situation? What’s to be done?

I’m sure there are people out there in a more dire need to seek a physician than myself; how are we taking care of them? California, get your act together and please take care of the people within your borders or you’ll find you don’t have any people left to screw around.

~I know this goes further than just CA, but since I don’t live in those states I’d like to stick with what I know and what I am personally experiencing . If you live in another state and are feeling the same anxiety feel free to write a comment.

Stay healthy people!!!!

“covered” California website

Climbing 14ers

This Summer, my family went to Colorado to continue our annual trip of bagging 14ers. Now, for those who don’t know what that means, here is a little light on the subject:
In mountaineering terminology in the United States, a fourteener is a mountain that exceeds 14,000 feet (4,270 m) above sea level. The importance of fourteeners is greatest in Colorado, which has the majority of such peaks in North America. Climbing all of Colorado’s fourteeners is a popular pastime among peak baggers. There are 52 14ers in Colorado.

We started the epic journey in Buena Vista by summiting mount Huron, while also acclimating ( which isn’t recommended when you fly in from LA which is at sea level).

For day hikes, you really only need a few liters of water and a few snacks to give you energy. My dad wore his whole pack on each hike (he is amazing) while my boyfriend had a small bag and sinched his water bladder to his belt. It really depends on what your preference is.

Clothing is another matter. Normal hikers start these treks around 3:30-4 AM in order to summit before noon and get safely down the mountain without hitting the rain and hail. Yes, it rains and hails by noon which makes descending the mountain treacherous. You want rain gear just in case as well as a warm layer and a light layer when you peel down. It gets pretty hot once you summit. Lots of layers helps. Or you could be my brother and wear a t-shirt and shorts the whole way. Again, it’s up to your discretion.

Here is a summit picture with the whole gang atop Huron.


We then bagged Belford which is also in Buena Vista that connects to Oxford which can be summited in succession. My brother has unbeatable endurance and ran from the summit of Belford to Oxford and back in about an hour and a half. It takes about an hour and a half to get to Oxford for most hikers. Like I said, he is a haus.


Next stop: Durango! The most precious town I’ve ever seen. We took the infamous train from Durango to Needleton (a stop only hikers headed to Chicago Basin get off at..or rafters) there is nothing around Needleton. Nothing. Only nature and the distant steam escaping the train engine as it leaves you for Silverton.

Getting to Chicago Basin is a 7 mile uphill trek that takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.
You set up your tent and usually pass out after dinner. But the views you see once you wake up are remarkable.

My main mountain to conquer was Aeolus. It has a bad rep of being dangerous and unsafe during any condition that’s not ideal. The week before we left for Chicago Basin, this mountain took the life of a hiker. It’s not a mountain first timers should be trying to bag.

This is the catwalk; a narrow path towards the summit that is a straight fall on either side.

After the catwalk, it was straight scrambling/rock climbing until we summited. It was windy, but there wasn’t a hint of rain, so our descent seemed promising.




This is the geological stone at the summit for Aeolus. This summit was my greatest achievement of the trip.

On our way back to camp we had a run in with a few goats that were threatening our campsite as well as our neighbors. This is common and also one of the main reasons why you don’t leave food on your site. Always hoist a food bag into a tree, and secure your stuff while you are gone…or they will destroy everything.

The last summit was to Windom. We left at 3 AM and were able to summit before 8. It was a perfect day, and the view was breathtaking.


If you have never climbed a 14er, or any mountain for that matter, I highly recommend it. It puts everything into perspective when you are climbing for hours and finally reach the summit. The view will literally take your breath away. You can’t just look at a picture and get the gist either. Go. See what beautiful views and creations you are missing by getting caught up in the day to day. You will not regret it.



For most actors, the Summertime is the slowest and most discouraging season for auditions. I was feeling the lull in action these past few days when I was blessed to read a blog that Jenna Fischer from, “The Office” wrote about acting. She is from my hometown (it’s always encouraging to see fellow St. Louisans succeeding) and she reminded me that pursuing your career is more like a marathon than a sprint. It takes patience, determination and consistent pacing/readiness in order to see results. They may not be results like fame or celebrity-status, but if you love acting, it’s the joy in the work ( no matter what kind) that will keep you in the race. Don’t lose hope! Check out the article here:
Advice for Actors

Crazy bathroom encounter

I just want to share this gem of a story with y’all.
It happened on the way to a film shoot in Ventucopa, California.

We had stopped at a Flying J which is always an adventure for those who are frequent road-trippers.
In the car with us were the costume designer, PA, Associate producer and the other female actress, Gemma.
After dinner, the gang and I witnessed a most awkward encounter between the manager of Denny’s (which is connected to the Flying J) and a crazy broad who looked like she just had a fight with a semi-truck; she clearly lost.

She disappeared after making a scene with the manager, so we thought nothing of it.

Little did we know we would have our own personal moment with her.
I headed into the ladies room before hitting the road.

I nearly ran into the crazy broad as I walked into the restroom. She gave me the stink eye in the mirror while she picked glass from her face. I calmly walked into a stall, and acted natural (or as natural as one can be when seeing a chick pick her bloodied face full of glass).
She started mumbling at me; when I did not respond she stomped into the stall next to me and slammed it shut.
I thought to myself, “self, just get out ASAP and everything will be OK.”
Then, I hear the bathroom door open, Gemma walks in.
I open my stall door to wash my hands, and silly Gemma has all of her toiletries laid out on the bathroom sink, floss included. She has no idea that some crazy broad is only three feet from her.
We start chatting, her in normal sentences, and me in quick responses whilst giving her non-verbal hints that we gotta get out of dodge; she doesn’t pick up the clues. Then crazy lady starts repeating what we are saying only in a strange, drunken tone. Gemma slowly starts to think something’s up.
She spits out her mouthwash as crazy broad screams out foul words to us; this is the same time I take out my Gerber knife (which I have on me for just these occasions). Gemma is still collecting her items when the stall door slowly opens, we both hear this low voice ask, ” you wanna watch?” We turn to see what has happened. Crazy broad has opened up her stall whilst in the middle of going what we presume is #2. Her toilet paper is wound up in her hand and on her face. She looks crazed. We both slowly turn around, grab Gemma’s stuff and run out the door. We holler at the rest of the gang to stop what they are doing, and we burn rubber out of that joint.
It was the closest I have felt to needing my protective knife and mace, although the whole rest of the trip, Gemma and I couldn’t stop laughing.
I think if you are afraid that you are entering into a place that you could stumble upon a crazy broad, make sure you have something to protect yourself or….just don’t go in UNLESS you want a story like this to tell your friends.

Camp Gladiator

For a few months now I have been attending an outdoor bootcamp called, Camp Gladiator.
This intense workout changes everyday to keep your muscles from getting bored, and gets you to work out as hard as you can.
Ally Davidson ( winner of NBC’s American Gladiator) began Camp Gladiator in Austin,Texas.
It has spread to LA and is a fast spreading contagion that should inspire us all to live adventurously.

Their mission statement:

To positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.

It definitely is working for me. And hundreds of others in LA
I love going to camp. There are dozens in the LA area to choose from; each trainer has a unique way of teaching, but all are passionate about meeting your best potential in fitness ( without hurting or stretching you past your limits).
I love it so much, I made a quick video with the help of my cg friends, Brad Thompson, and Chuck Kovalik. Maybe this will give you a boost to come out and play!
Why I Love CG
Check out camp gladiators website as well! click me

Or Like on Facebook! FB page

Live adventurously!

Screenplay update

Writing a screenplay is very hard when you don’t have someone to keep you on a tight schedule.
So I have done just that.

After not getting what I wanted finished for the whole month of January,I asked a good friend to keep me accountable on writing the new scenes for this new script.

I have been reading the hilariously written book by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon titled, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit.

It’s not exactly the type of film I aspire to create, but it sure is giving me a lot of helpful tips and ideas in what my script is lacking.

So far, it is halfway done.

Now, I never considered myself a writer, but I take such delight in creating a world that has not been investigated and torn apart by others. As an actor, you share your creative world under the parameters set by the writer, Director, and a slew of other people who continually adjust how far you can allow your character to explore.
In writing, You ARE the artist, architect, and literal creator of what is real, imagined, and discovered in each new page.
It’s encouraging to know that I can go home after a long and busy day, and immerse myself in the world I’ve created and choose to take it down any path I choose.
What freedom!!
I encourage everyone to write; in a diary or journal and explore where your mind takes you. It’s a wonderful tool for healing, and for sparking something inside you that you may not have been aware of before! Now get to it!

Better than a salad

This morning I woke up with no hunger pains! I decided to try the very odd juice called, “better than a salad” which consists of all veggies. Here is the link to the recipe as well as a few other fun ones!

This one started out like this:


And turned out like this:

I added kale and green beet leaves for fun…if you can call it that.

It tastes just like a salad would, only liquid form…it’s very strange. I’d recommend trying the fruitier ones before going all veggie or doing the green machine which was made famous by the documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Watch it. It’s great.

Anyway, so far I don’t have cravings, but I kinda can’t wait to have some eggs and veggies ( in whole form) tomorrow! More to come before that! One more juice to exploit!


I began a three day juice fast yesterday to see what it would feel like. I had seen the documentaries on the benefits of juicing and thought it would be a nice kick start to the year ( I mean, the holidays are a great excuse to pig out and enjoy tasty treats, but it doesn’t make my body like me too much afterwards).
Day one wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I juiced four times. My favorite juice so far is made of mostly veggies:
Green apple

I also tried a new juice from Sun Cafe called the kale shake which ( only yesterday) tasted like amaretto liqueur. It did NOT taste that way when I had sipped it from a friends on Sunday. I am giving them another go tomorrow 🙂
Btw: Sun Cafe has GREAT shakes and treats for people juicing, eating vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free. A little expensive, but if you go…try the mint shamrock!!! Epic shake. Delightful.

I went to bed NOT hungry and woke up also, NOT hungry. It was wonderful and shocking.

I am on my third juice today, and I decided to branch out and try a new one. This juice contains:

Green apples

I blended it all and hoped more juice would come out of the spout, but alas this recipe resulted in this:


All that produce, and 10 ounces of “dinner”. Oh well. It tastes of tart lemonade. I have new recipes for tomorrow.

I shall sip and enjoy my green lemonade while watching some reruns of 30 Rock. Goodnight!


Reviews are out! Dangerous Corner is a Must-see!

The show has been getting wonderful feedback. Most recently, Debra Graff wrote a review in the Valley Scene Magazine! You can pick one up or read it here! http://www.jejprint.com/valleyscene/pubData/iphone/index.html#39 Thank you, Debra!

Here are a few of the other Reviews!

“Written by J.B. Priestley originally set in the 1930s, it plays out here in the 1960s. As the story unfolds, secret deceptions reveal themselves, as shocking truths and unrequited feelings of love are exposed. An affluent group of book publishers and their ladies have gathered at Freda and Robert’s country home for dinner and cocktails. Martin’s brother Robert, and his stunning wife Freda, seem to have the perfect life … but do they? (Pitch perfect performances by Matthew J. Williamson and Libby Baker!) When Maud, one of their published authors brings up Martin’s suicide, shocking truths unravel (a quirky Carol Goans). The other guests include: Gordon and Betty, a “model” couple with hidden issues (played with passion by Jordan Wall and Rachel Amanda Bryant), Charles (a touching Seth Peterson), and Olwen, the firm’s loyal secretary with a hidden burning passion (played by Tara Bopp with heartfelt emotion). Quite an interesting story, as the group’s polished demeanor fades … and true feelings come out of the closet. Life is a pretty complicated game” – The Tolucan Times

” Dangerous Corner has a captivating cast….Bopp is so good with Olwen’s quiet insecurities and longing…Crown City Theatre is to be lauded for their risk taking. This is a great acting company that always rises to new challenges and endeavors with the utmost professionalism.” – Broadwayworld.com

The Crown Theatre production adds to the play’s air of sophistication with a set that features a mish-mash of artifacts from the 1940s to the 1960s, and a team of actors who avoid the affectations that are always a danger when a theater company re-enacts an era of cigarettes, hard liquor, pop tunes, and white dinner jackets.“ nohoartsdistrict.com

Tara Bopp’s Olwen Peele is appropriately heartfelt and tortured…” – Stage and Cinema

Shout out to Kirkwood!


Shout out to my ole’ stomping grounds!

If you know Kirkwood, MO you may know my last name. Bopp; it’s strewn about the town, posted on different businesses and even has a road!
The Bopp’s started out in Kirkwood after coming over the pond in the mid 1800s. Here is a quick re-cap on how the Bopp’s came to live in Kirkwood, MO.

Peter Bopp, Sr. Was born Jan 29, 1812 in Groszherzogtum Hesso-Darmstadt, Grebenhain, Germany. On Sept. 28th, 1852 his family left Germany for America arriving in New Orleans on Dec. 20th. The voyage was 72 days. they remained in New Orleans until April 1853 when the threat of cholera caused them to move to St. Louis County. Mr. Bopp farmed for 12 years at Harwood and Gilbert roads (Des Peres) and founded St. Paul’s Lutheran church in Des Peres. On March 15,1865, he moved to Kirkwood, where he and his children were among the founders of the Concordia Lutheran Church. Still later he helped found Friedensgemeinde in Kirkwood. He died April 6, 1901 and is buried in Park Hill Cemetory at Sappington, MO The seven brothers became the volunteer fire department for Kirkwood. The rest is History!
If you are from K-wood or thereabouts, give a shout out to your High school below!