I began a three day juice fast yesterday to see what it would feel like. I had seen the documentaries on the benefits of juicing and thought it would be a nice kick start to the year ( I mean, the holidays are a great excuse to pig out and enjoy tasty treats, but it doesn’t make my body like me too much afterwards).
Day one wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I juiced four times. My favorite juice so far is made of mostly veggies:
Green apple

I also tried a new juice from Sun Cafe called the kale shake which ( only yesterday) tasted like amaretto liqueur. It did NOT taste that way when I had sipped it from a friends on Sunday. I am giving them another go tomorrow 🙂
Btw: Sun Cafe has GREAT shakes and treats for people juicing, eating vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free. A little expensive, but if you go…try the mint shamrock!!! Epic shake. Delightful.

I went to bed NOT hungry and woke up also, NOT hungry. It was wonderful and shocking.

I am on my third juice today, and I decided to branch out and try a new one. This juice contains:

Green apples

I blended it all and hoped more juice would come out of the spout, but alas this recipe resulted in this:


All that produce, and 10 ounces of “dinner”. Oh well. It tastes of tart lemonade. I have new recipes for tomorrow.

I shall sip and enjoy my green lemonade while watching some reruns of 30 Rock. Goodnight!


Reviews are out! Dangerous Corner is a Must-see!

The show has been getting wonderful feedback. Most recently, Debra Graff wrote a review in the Valley Scene Magazine! You can pick one up or read it here! http://www.jejprint.com/valleyscene/pubData/iphone/index.html#39 Thank you, Debra!

Here are a few of the other Reviews!

“Written by J.B. Priestley originally set in the 1930s, it plays out here in the 1960s. As the story unfolds, secret deceptions reveal themselves, as shocking truths and unrequited feelings of love are exposed. An affluent group of book publishers and their ladies have gathered at Freda and Robert’s country home for dinner and cocktails. Martin’s brother Robert, and his stunning wife Freda, seem to have the perfect life … but do they? (Pitch perfect performances by Matthew J. Williamson and Libby Baker!) When Maud, one of their published authors brings up Martin’s suicide, shocking truths unravel (a quirky Carol Goans). The other guests include: Gordon and Betty, a “model” couple with hidden issues (played with passion by Jordan Wall and Rachel Amanda Bryant), Charles (a touching Seth Peterson), and Olwen, the firm’s loyal secretary with a hidden burning passion (played by Tara Bopp with heartfelt emotion). Quite an interesting story, as the group’s polished demeanor fades … and true feelings come out of the closet. Life is a pretty complicated game” – The Tolucan Times

” Dangerous Corner has a captivating cast….Bopp is so good with Olwen’s quiet insecurities and longing…Crown City Theatre is to be lauded for their risk taking. This is a great acting company that always rises to new challenges and endeavors with the utmost professionalism.” – Broadwayworld.com

The Crown Theatre production adds to the play’s air of sophistication with a set that features a mish-mash of artifacts from the 1940s to the 1960s, and a team of actors who avoid the affectations that are always a danger when a theater company re-enacts an era of cigarettes, hard liquor, pop tunes, and white dinner jackets.“ nohoartsdistrict.com

Tara Bopp’s Olwen Peele is appropriately heartfelt and tortured…” – Stage and Cinema

Shout out to Kirkwood!


Shout out to my ole’ stomping grounds!

If you know Kirkwood, MO you may know my last name. Bopp; it’s strewn about the town, posted on different businesses and even has a road!
The Bopp’s started out in Kirkwood after coming over the pond in the mid 1800s. Here is a quick re-cap on how the Bopp’s came to live in Kirkwood, MO.

Peter Bopp, Sr. Was born Jan 29, 1812 in Groszherzogtum Hesso-Darmstadt, Grebenhain, Germany. On Sept. 28th, 1852 his family left Germany for America arriving in New Orleans on Dec. 20th. The voyage was 72 days. they remained in New Orleans until April 1853 when the threat of cholera caused them to move to St. Louis County. Mr. Bopp farmed for 12 years at Harwood and Gilbert roads (Des Peres) and founded St. Paul’s Lutheran church in Des Peres. On March 15,1865, he moved to Kirkwood, where he and his children were among the founders of the Concordia Lutheran Church. Still later he helped found Friedensgemeinde in Kirkwood. He died April 6, 1901 and is buried in Park Hill Cemetory at Sappington, MO The seven brothers became the volunteer fire department for Kirkwood. The rest is History!
If you are from K-wood or thereabouts, give a shout out to your High school below!

Who knew about the Venice Canals in CA?


Was it just me or did it take a few years before stumbling upon the Venice Canals in Venice, CA?
When I heard people talking about it I thought it was a joke, because I am quite gullible, however they do exist!

My dear friend and I went exploring there yesterday ( she has never been and has lived here quite a while), and I thought I would post this question:

Who has been to the Venice Canals, and how long did you live in LA before you saw it?
Also, I want to know more secret wonders hidden in the vast city we call Los Angeles!
Please comment below, and let me know your favorite places to escape to or explore!





This last picture is driving away from the Canals ..I know it’s not really apart of the canal experience, but goodness what a view!

Echo!! (Mountain)


This past weekend my friend and I went hiking to the hotel ruins in Echo Mountain! This hike is easy with many switchbacks, but if you make a slight left instead of following the signs ( like I did last time I went to Echo) you will be going straight uphill in the blistering sun until you reach the top only to realize the hotel ruins are on the other side. Watch out for that.

THIS time I actually made it to the ruins. I recommend starting your hike early, or nearing sunset. It gets hot out there, folks!

Here are some quick pics of what’s left of the once glorious hotel in the late 1800s.





The view, as usual, is beautiful in Pasadena, CA-so bring lots of water( maybe a picnic) and enjoy the sights and History at Echo Mountain!




Wise words from an old book


I am reading a wonderful book by Dale Carnegie that I suggest everyone should read. If you have not read this delightful and helpful 283 page book, please do!

The title says it all. It’s a book on how to understand and grow in relationships with other people besides yourself. While reading, I came across a very helpful section regarding arguments. People today don’t listen. I think now, more than ever, we need to listen to what the other person is trying to say. In acting, listening is imperative, but it is not used as often once the Director yells, “cut.”
Here is a lovely tid bit.

In an article in Bits and Pieces, some suggestions are made on how to keep a disagreement from becoming an argument.
Welcome the disagreement. Remember the slogan, “When two partners always agreed one of them is not necessary.” If there is some point you haven’t thought about, be thankful if it is brought to your attention, perhaps this disagreement is your opportunity to be corrected before you make a serious mistake.
Distrust your first instinctive impression. Our first natural reaction in a disagreeable situation is to be defensive. Be careful. Keep Calm and watch out for your first reaction. It may be you at your worst not your best.
Control your temper Remember, you can measure the size of a person by what makes him or her angry.
Listen first. Give your opponents a chance to talk. Let them finish. Do not resist, defend or debate. This only raises barriers. Try to build bridges or understanding. Don’t build higher barriers of misunderstanding.
Look for areas of agreement. When you have head your opponents out, dwell first on the points and areas on which you agree.
Be honest. Look for areas where you can admit error and say so. Apologize for your mistakes. It will help disarm your opponents and reduce defensiveness.
Promise to think over your opponents’ ideas and study them carefully. And mean it. Your opponents may be right. It is a lot easier at this stage to agree to think about their points than move rapidly ahead and find yourself in a position where your opponents say: “We tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen.”
Thank your opponents sincerely for their interest.Anyone who takes the time to disagree with you is interested in the same things you are. Think of them as people who really want to help you, and you may turn your opponents into friends.
Postpone action to give both sides time to think through the problem.Suggest that a new meeting be held later that day or the next day, when all the facts may be brought to bear. In preparation for this meeting, ask yourself some hard questions: Could my opponents be right? Partly right? Is there truth or merit in their argument? Is my reaction one that will relieve the problem or will it just relieve any frustration? Will my reaction drive my opponents further away or draw them closer? What price will I have to pay if I win?

There are many wonderful tips and life lessons to living in harmony with others. When you understand that our inherit desire to be important is universal, we can make life a lot easier for others as well as ourselves. This book was written in 1937 but still holds true today. Read it and see.

buy the book here!

About a boy…

This is a story about a boy…many boys in fact. Most wear grown up clothes too!

Disclaimer:This is not a bash of men nor is it victimizing women. We all need discernment, understanding, integrity and most of all, honest COMMUNICATION when dealing with people. This is about how miscommunication and not growing from past mistakes lead to a vicious and detrimental cycle.

It has come to my attention that some women in my life have been consistently flabbergasted by some of the actions fellow men have deemed permissible which is in fact false. I will tell a story that is not uncommon.

For my man friends reading this that are gentlemen, you should know this is not about you. For those men whom are reading this because a girl sent it to you….this is for you. Sorry.

Let’s start with the story which I have paired with a soundtrack:
It’s about a boy named, well let’s say Patrick Bateman. He’s new in town. He decides to go on a dating website to meet women. He meets a woman, (not on a dating website) let’s say her name is, Buttercup. She is looking for her husband while just recently discovering religion/ spiritualism ( what have you). They meet, they try to be friends but it’s all swept out the window the moment they introduce themselves.
Call Me Maybe
They hang out for a while. Mr. Bateman is respectable and a gentleman. Buttercup swoons and falls for him in less than a week. IT MUST BE LOVE-cuz love hits you before you know each others birthdays and is real even when there have been no disputes. Perfect right?
Super Bass-Nicki Minaj
Then the trouble starts. Buttercup tosses some warning signs aside and chalks it up to his recent stress or her “menstrual cramps”. After a few weeks of these warning signs she tries to bring up the issues she has. One issue is that she is not ready to give her virginity away. Kissing is ok, but THAT gift must be given to a worthy man. Well Mr. Bateman (unbeknownst to Buttercup) is a passive aggressor who walks away from issues. He does just that. That breaks Buttercups heart. She takes it personally and cries to her girl friends,Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. They know Buttercup well. They tell her to relax and if Patrick continues to be that way during arguments that they are not good for one another. Buttercup cries and hopes he is able to open his heart.
Chasing Pavements
Weeks of on and off again moods from him get Buttercup tense and more reluctant to give him affections in turn making the relationship more difficult. She asks questions to understand him and help him. He sulks, whines and pushes away.
Between the Lines
Patrick persists about his sexual desires while Buttercup becomes more morally aware of her obligations and worth as a young woman. Then the kicker; Buttercups friend, Merryweather finds her precious Mr. Bateman is STILL on the dating website! What a travesty. Buttercup tries to talk to her once charming Prince and is met with his front door slammed in her face. She thought he loved her! This is a surprise to her. She must do what any woman does. She must break up with him.
The Swell Season When your Mind’s Made Up
Weeks go by where they don’t speak. Buttercup grows in her individuality and self confidence. Surprisingly, she desires joy in her old friend, Batey. He, however, wants to brood until he seeks another woman. He will continue this cycle of sudden happiness for a while before falling back into depression. Buttercup foresees this (as do her friends,Flora, Fauna and Merryweather). Like a silly schoolgirl she tries to befriend him. He assumes ( which makes us what, children…an a$$) that she still wants romance from him.
Hang with Me-Robyn
This is devastating for Buttercup. She wants to understand why he isn’t learning from mistakes and growing into a wonderful Prince that he can be. Then buttercup realizes, it’s not her problem. She can’t be worried for others who won’t help themselves. No matter how much she wanted to help as a friend, it would always be shadowed by their past. This was a bittersweet revelation.
Wide Awake
Poor Buttercup jumped too deep into a relationship that she was not ready nor right for. If they hadn’t jumped into a relationship, Mr. Bateman may have been a good friend. Like all stories, except the Titanic, there is always hope.
Second Chance
Let me reiterate. This was not a man-bash nor relationship bash. It was a warning to all who are desiring a relationship. Please, women, unless the man has a reference sheet pages long of his qualities (good and bad). DON’T Jump into “love” so quickly. As Snow Patrol said, “Those three words are said too much, then not enough”. People throw the word around when they don’t know the weight of that commitment while those in love are continually waiting to hear the other person say it first. How about this; tell your family and friends you love them. Show them your appreciation. I bet Flora, Fauna and Merryweather didn’t hear it enough from Buttercup because of her blind admiration for a man not right for her. Bateman/ all men need to do the same. Tell your bros you love them! Don’t be afraid!
Men, communicate your intentions from the beginning. Don’t let the woman wear the pants. Be the gentleman and respectable leader you were qualified to be. Talk about your emotions; it’s so much hotter than you think.

As some viewers know, I am a Christian. If any other Christians are reading then pray before accepting dates. It’s a relief to know that If you allow God to lead the first date, He will open your eyes to what kind of Godly man your heart has been patiently waiting for. If you have been hurt by a guy, pray for them. Don’t worry after that. Prayer is sometimes the best you can do without hurting your heart even more.
Strip Me
I wish everyone the best. If anyone has a similar story please comment, email or retweet. If you want any book recommendations for relationships, let me know! I’d be happy to help.
Washed by the Water
God Bless!
Something Beautiful