Why LA

So I said the I would start at the beginning, and here we are. 


I was living in New York when I decided to move to Los Angeles. Now, back then I would have been the last person you’d see waving her hand goodbye to New York for the city of “angels”. I despised the city for all it’s hustling and fake attitudes to go along with the fake boobs. It disgusted me. 

My dad encouraged me in 2005 to give LA a chance, and that it may surprise me. It took me two years, but I  gave it a go.

It certainly started out the only way an LA greeting would embrace a newbie; hard.

I took a three day commercial class that,needless to say, was more focused on friendships than anything else. I only started discovering myself when I found a church to go to.

This new sanctuary did not stop the city from jamming scams and corruption down my throat at every turn.

I had a guy propose to me for a green card.

I had an agent tell me that I should be willing to flirt (and then some) with Directors for roles.

I had a guy scam me for a week believing I was hosting his new show, contracts pending…

I don’t know what attracts these sad people to prey on aspiring actors, nor do I understand what they get out of it. Frankly, it’s pathetic.

The main thing a newcomer to this city must be fully aware of is that no matter how prepared you are for battle, blood is going everywhere; you will get sprayed. It’s whether you continue into battle that defines you.


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