Here is a little more about me.

I used to HATE running. Seriously, it hurt and it was intensely boring.

Last year, I decided it was high time to start working out without a gym. That meant my options for cardio were down to a few options, biking, running, hiking and…that’s pretty much it.

I didn’t have a bike at the time, and hiking is great, when you have time. Running was really my only choice.

Christmas came and my dad thought it would be nice to get some new running shoes for me. He bought me the Five Finger Running Shoes (VIBRAMS). This changed my life. No joke.

I don’t know what happened, but from that day on I was wearing those shoes like a second skin.

I started to run. A lot. I ran between 3-4 miles a day! I thought that was really good; remember, I hated running. This was good for me.

Months passed, and a new running friend of mine who was a veteran at hitting the streets had signed up for the Pasadena marathon. I volunteered to help her train.

We ran 4-5 miles a day and every weekend we ran 8 miles. It was amazing! My feet loved me and I was improving my  time.

The day before the marathon I tell my friend that I am going to run with her. I had no idea how these events rolled, so I just showed up around 4:30 am with my newly decorated Vibrams and a prayer to survive. Everyone looked WAY more prepared than me with their silly water bottle belts and GOO and high-tech shoes. I began to doubt myself a bit, so I started to stretch to look like everyone else.


Apparently people wear things to keep warm before the start of the race, and then toss the clothes to the side never to be seen again….THIS I would not have. My running buddy lent me a wonderful shawl to keep warm, and I was not about to fling it into the abyss of discarded clothes just because it would, “weigh me down”. I kept that red shawl on for the duration of the run. It ended up being more of a warrior toga near the end. It was a lovely added challenge to keep that thing on me after mile 15.

It rained the first 5 miles, then the glorious sun beat down until the bitter end.

I hit my “wall” around mile 18-20 when I thought I broke my ankle. Silly body, it tried to trick me into stopping!


I ran the whole 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 35 minutes ( with no blisters or wounds either…thank you Vibrams)

Before that day I never ran more that 5 miles without stopping.

Now, I love running, and encourage everyone to try something that seems impossible. Go out there! Climb up a hard hill, run a marathon, chase the dream!!!!

Image                  Phil 4:13

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