Hiking gone bloody wrong!

I love hiking. Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about it.

I Also love a challenge. When someone says I can’t do something I will usually conquer the obstacle out of stubbornness. This can be a deadly disaster when mixed with the great outdoors.

Let me start at the beginning:

A good friend, Rachel, and I decided to go on a nice hike to La Tuna Canyon. Rachel was a girl scout, so she was well prepared with a first aid kit. I laughed. I never bring materials for safety precautions. I go out there and see what happens. Not safe.

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After reaching the top, I climbed the majestic tree overlooking the valley. This tree was also the shade for a homeless man named Bill. He gave us really good advice on a trail heading back down (in the opposite direction of where we needed to go) towards really awesome pine trees. They were nice, but weren’t giving me and Rachel the challenge we were seeking.

Rachel and I went on his recommended “trail”and began our misadventure…

We then went our own route off the path thinking we were going to make it back to our main route. After about a quarter-mile off the main trail, our footing started to get, how shall I say, more untrusting. We were resilient, however, and kept trudging forward. We were caught by more plant-life right before our “ground” became a cliff. I was skipping ahead too fast to realize I was skidding. Naturally, I caught myself with my leg…that was not a good idea.

I looked down,and brushed the gravel off.

“You okay, Tara?” “Oh, ya. Fine.” Then the blood ran…. Fast. It was awesome.

Thank God Rachel brought her “First Aid Kit” that I had made fun of earlier. Without it, I would have probably passed out hiking down the mountain with blood gushing.

She bandaged me with our headbands and hand towel (she just happened to have) after using alcohol swabs and gauze on my gash.

We turned back, obviously, and proceeded to run down the hill in order to clean the wound as soon as possible.

It was a wonderful hiking adventure even with my first hardcore wound. We had a blast! I am healing fast and look forward to another adventure on Saturday.

See ya on the trail!

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