LA Drivers

This is a typical LA driving story.

I was minding my own business, merging into a left lane ( with my turn signal on as always) when I saw this blue Ford focus speeding up from behind in the lane I was slowly, but safely crossing into. I guess she was on her phone, but when she decided to take notice of my vehicle in her lane she flipped out. Without her signal, she moved into the next lane to speed up and wail her hands about in my general direction. I assumed she was having a rough day.

I went about driving in the lane on my way home when out of the corner of my eye, here she comes again! She is using her phone to gesture how upset she was that I used my turn signal legally to get into her lane without writing for a formal invitation. I smiled at her and mouthed the words, “calm down. It’s going to be okay.”. This must have angered her more. No sooner had I made a funny joke about her bumber sticker being a cross then she comes around again only to take a picture of my beautiful smiling face. I guess she was enamored by my mug that she had to show her family back in the boonies. She sped off in victory as I exited the highway. Another fanatic on the road, using her phone like the paparazzi…will it never end!?!?

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