SCAM ARTIST-a sleaze-ball of a man seeking women looking for acting work. They lure these women into their web of lies until the sneaky man has wasted the harmless victims time, money and hope only to reveal his only job he could offer her is of his sexual desires!

I think there are more scam artists in the entertainment industry than any other career choice. The entertainment industry targets young, attractive women into a field where their talents are more about the emotional and physical. It’s also about networking with people in power, and when these collide, it can easily be exploited and taken advantage of. I have been called, emailed, face-booked and tracked down to do an, “audition” for a new feature, TV show, pilot, web series, etc I have enough intuition to dig a little deeper into what their true intentions are to discover it is yet ANOTHER puny child-boy living out his fantasy by staging auditions where the women come in with sides of a sex scene that must be done over and over again until the mysterious Director/Producer is satisfied. I usually read the sides, assess the human child that has sent me these “sides” and politely decline when the red flags are flying.

RED FLAGS ( “they” is referred to the ominous man/boy trying to scam you)

*They found you on Facebook; no mutual friends….

*They want to Skype the audition live, at night, and talk you through the scene for hours….

*They aren’t on IMdB They insist on meeting first to see if you both, “click”….say what???

*They will be holding auditions in an empty warehouse; and, “it’ll just be you and me” he says….

*They describe the outfit you should wear more than what you should come prepared with…

*They want you to be, “on call”, and to hang out for any future “meetings”.

*They ask you how comfortable you are with girl on girl kissing for the audition…

*They are the lead of the feature, and YOU will be their love interest; yes there will be kissing….

*They don’t send a contract to you or your agent even after continually reminding him you have representation.

*They ask you to use your time for their benefit ( more auditions, writing ANYTHING, helping them with ANYTHING)

And many more-if anything seems a bit off, it is-RUN! BEWARE-they come and go and before you know it you have been used or put in a situation YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE IN. Use discernment before giving your information to strangers proclaiming they can help you in your career.

Be careful before going to an audition without letting someone know, it could be your last. Stay safe, and PLEASE don’t be that actress who uses her body to get ahead. It only makes you look like trash.

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