Shout out to Kirkwood!


Shout out to my ole’ stomping grounds!

If you know Kirkwood, MO you may know my last name. Bopp; it’s strewn about the town, posted on different businesses and even has a road!
The Bopp’s started out in Kirkwood after coming over the pond in the mid 1800s. Here is a quick re-cap on how the Bopp’s came to live in Kirkwood, MO.

Peter Bopp, Sr. Was born Jan 29, 1812 in Groszherzogtum Hesso-Darmstadt, Grebenhain, Germany. On Sept. 28th, 1852 his family left Germany for America arriving in New Orleans on Dec. 20th. The voyage was 72 days. they remained in New Orleans until April 1853 when the threat of cholera caused them to move to St. Louis County. Mr. Bopp farmed for 12 years at Harwood and Gilbert roads (Des Peres) and founded St. Paul’s Lutheran church in Des Peres. On March 15,1865, he moved to Kirkwood, where he and his children were among the founders of the Concordia Lutheran Church. Still later he helped found Friedensgemeinde in Kirkwood. He died April 6, 1901 and is buried in Park Hill Cemetory at Sappington, MO The seven brothers became the volunteer fire department for Kirkwood. The rest is History!
If you are from K-wood or thereabouts, give a shout out to your High school below!

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