Reviews are out! Dangerous Corner is a Must-see!

The show has been getting wonderful feedback. Most recently, Debra Graff wrote a review in the Valley Scene Magazine! You can pick one up or read it here! Thank you, Debra!

Here are a few of the other Reviews!

“Written by J.B. Priestley originally set in the 1930s, it plays out here in the 1960s. As the story unfolds, secret deceptions reveal themselves, as shocking truths and unrequited feelings of love are exposed. An affluent group of book publishers and their ladies have gathered at Freda and Robert’s country home for dinner and cocktails. Martin’s brother Robert, and his stunning wife Freda, seem to have the perfect life … but do they? (Pitch perfect performances by Matthew J. Williamson and Libby Baker!) When Maud, one of their published authors brings up Martin’s suicide, shocking truths unravel (a quirky Carol Goans). The other guests include: Gordon and Betty, a “model” couple with hidden issues (played with passion by Jordan Wall and Rachel Amanda Bryant), Charles (a touching Seth Peterson), and Olwen, the firm’s loyal secretary with a hidden burning passion (played by Tara Bopp with heartfelt emotion). Quite an interesting story, as the group’s polished demeanor fades … and true feelings come out of the closet. Life is a pretty complicated game” – The Tolucan Times

” Dangerous Corner has a captivating cast….Bopp is so good with Olwen’s quiet insecurities and longing…Crown City Theatre is to be lauded for their risk taking. This is a great acting company that always rises to new challenges and endeavors with the utmost professionalism.” –

The Crown Theatre production adds to the play’s air of sophistication with a set that features a mish-mash of artifacts from the 1940s to the 1960s, and a team of actors who avoid the affectations that are always a danger when a theater company re-enacts an era of cigarettes, hard liquor, pop tunes, and white dinner jackets.“

Tara Bopp’s Olwen Peele is appropriately heartfelt and tortured…” – Stage and Cinema

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