Crazy bathroom encounter

I just want to share this gem of a story with y’all.
It happened on the way to a film shoot in Ventucopa, California.

We had stopped at a Flying J which is always an adventure for those who are frequent road-trippers.
In the car with us were the costume designer, PA, Associate producer and the other female actress, Gemma.
After dinner, the gang and I witnessed a most awkward encounter between the manager of Denny’s (which is connected to the Flying J) and a crazy broad who looked like she just had a fight with a semi-truck; she clearly lost.

She disappeared after making a scene with the manager, so we thought nothing of it.

Little did we know we would have our own personal moment with her.
I headed into the ladies room before hitting the road.

I nearly ran into the crazy broad as I walked into the restroom. She gave me the stink eye in the mirror while she picked glass from her face. I calmly walked into a stall, and acted natural (or as natural as one can be when seeing a chick pick her bloodied face full of glass).
She started mumbling at me; when I did not respond she stomped into the stall next to me and slammed it shut.
I thought to myself, “self, just get out ASAP and everything will be OK.”
Then, I hear the bathroom door open, Gemma walks in.
I open my stall door to wash my hands, and silly Gemma has all of her toiletries laid out on the bathroom sink, floss included. She has no idea that some crazy broad is only three feet from her.
We start chatting, her in normal sentences, and me in quick responses whilst giving her non-verbal hints that we gotta get out of dodge; she doesn’t pick up the clues. Then crazy lady starts repeating what we are saying only in a strange, drunken tone. Gemma slowly starts to think something’s up.
She spits out her mouthwash as crazy broad screams out foul words to us; this is the same time I take out my Gerber knife (which I have on me for just these occasions). Gemma is still collecting her items when the stall door slowly opens, we both hear this low voice ask, ” you wanna watch?” We turn to see what has happened. Crazy broad has opened up her stall whilst in the middle of going what we presume is #2. Her toilet paper is wound up in her hand and on her face. She looks crazed. We both slowly turn around, grab Gemma’s stuff and run out the door. We holler at the rest of the gang to stop what they are doing, and we burn rubber out of that joint.
It was the closest I have felt to needing my protective knife and mace, although the whole rest of the trip, Gemma and I couldn’t stop laughing.
I think if you are afraid that you are entering into a place that you could stumble upon a crazy broad, make sure you have something to protect yourself or….just don’t go in UNLESS you want a story like this to tell your friends.

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