In the basement returns!


Remember when I did that concept film that ended in blood and gore? Well it’s back with a vengeance! The short film for, “In the Basement” was filmed last week, and I had the pleasure of being reacquainted with the role of Margo. Matt McGregor, along with the entire cast and crew, were incredibly professional and kind. I fully enjoyed working with this team again. Until the film is fully finished, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some pictures. Enjoy!
For more information on, “In the Basement”, check out the Instagram @inthebasementmovie or my Instagram @tarabopp ; I’ll also be updating the information here. See you soon!

On set with the very skilled DP, Sean Mcdaniel and Chelsea Pettit the amazing gaffer!

Some of the crew set up a new scene. Director, Matt McGregor and 1st AD discuss what’s next.

The Art Dept. Was wonderfully crafty as they built this set from scratch on a sound stage at Robert Zemeckis Studios. Thank you, Mallorie Ortega and all of the Art Dept. Crew!

My partner in crime all last week, Kaytra Parkman who plays, Lizzie as we prep for the last shot(Photo was taken in video village).

The talented Abbie Alvarez touches up “Cassandra” played by the young, yet fierce, Alexandra Neary.

*note the top picture does not occur in the film just the blood.

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