Audition Marinade

I have been on a lot of auditions lately, but I wanted to share today’s audition in particular. I’d like to preface this with the fact that I don’t really care about whether I get the role or not; the experience in the room was enough for me to be satisfied and confident in what I do…every audition should be that way.

The audition asked for two contrasting monologues along with a three minute artistic statement about yourself. I had no clue what the statement entailed ( they said any median would work…sculptures, instruments, dance etc). I was not sure how to express myself through dance, song or really any facet of entertainment; I decided to just talk to them bluntly, because I figured that my odd quirkiness would be best amplified with me having to talk at all. I walked in and the artistic directors were very kind and reminded me to use this time as a rehearsal and to feel free and safe; sounded like Anthony Meindls studio mission statement( the studio where I study). The monologues went really well, and then it was time for the artistic statement. As I was prepping to talk a bit about my thoughts on acting, it dawned on me….why can’t I talk about it while doing something that I love? I love dancing but that wouldn’t work out…wait..workout. I love to workout! No one is going to be doing an artistic statement while doing Burpees. So that is what I did which led me to sing a 16 bar cut accapella of “There Where You Are” from the musical, The Existents. I didn’t get in my own way, and I let my body and emotions take me where they wanted to go. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of letting go and not caring what anyone thought. Did I lose my breath trying to talk and do Burpees for three minutes? Why yes I did. Did I need to catch my breath before singing? Of course I did! Did I sweat in my audition outfit? Heck yes. Was it worth it? Hell ya it was!

All this to prove that it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your head in the lobby, but once you enter that room. If you can leave everything on the floor of that audition room you should be proud of what you did. I try to learn and grow with every audition, and this one in particular taught me that being me isn’t always going to get me the role, but it will get me noticed and that’s alright with me.

They loved my audition by the way 🙂

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