On a roll!

Indi.com has informed me that I am the judges pick again for the VO challenge from casting director Andy Roth. I will have a one on one meeting with him within the next month. 

Here is some insight on his work:

Andy is one of New York’s absolute best and busiest freelance commercial casting directors! 

He was the in house booth director for CESD for many years before becoming freelance. Since then he has been working for many of the biggest advertising agencies, casting houses,and production companies in the world.

In his career, heras served as casting director on thousands of projects ranging from commercials, animated films and TV series, to documentaries and video games.

Here is the link to my VO clip: http://Indi.com/60E4AAA1

This is what Andy had to say: I love the simplicity that she brought to her reads, even the character take.  It feels like she just let her personality do the work.  I really feel like I got a sense of who she is and what she’d bring to any other audition.  Great job!

New York  is a city I will always love and miss. I have been pondering going back for a visit for quite some time, and if this encouragement from New York keeps progressing, I may need to think about living  a bi-coastal lifestyle. 

What do you think about living 6 months in one place and 6 months in another? Anyone already doing this have any advice?

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