48 Hour Film Project “Mindscape”

The 48 hour film project I had the pleasure of working on is now online!

If you have never heard of or seen or understood what it meant to be in a 48 hour film project here is the quick-and-easy summary: You are given 48 hours exactly to create, film, edit and drop off your short film. You are given a genre to work with as well as character/careers, lines and props. You don’t have much time to sleep (if you are one of the leaders..us actors had it easy) and you have obstacles you will face that you won’t prepare for…BUT it’s so much fun and a great learning experience.

Mike Rohlfing and his awesome team invited me to be apart of their acting roster this year, and I couldn’t have been more stoked!

Mindscape snagged some awards as well …. The team Won Best Writing, Best Editing, Best Use of Required Line, and 2nd Place overall!

The finished product is linked below. Check out all the hard work the guys at Anonymous Productions created!