“Covered” California?

Like most of the single mid-twenties individuals living in CA, I signed up for health insurance under covered California with the belief that I too could maintain my relationship with my Doctors. This belief along with united coverage and less stress on how to pay $200+ every month was the wrangler for me. And yet, here I am, sick, hurting and the Doctors I have been told are in my network are, in fact, not. The websites are not factual and the money I’m paying every month is for….what exactly?

I’ve been told by the multiple doctors that I can pay in full ($150-$200) just to step into the office with the hope that my insurance will reimburse me….
I’ve tried many many times to talk to someone over at the blue shield of California to get answers…and no one will answer..I’ve waited over an hour sometimes; that waiting music is the pits.

I can’t see a general physician because the Covered California under the Affordable Care Act doesn’t have their Act together!

How can myself along with many others remedy this situation? What’s to be done?

I’m sure there are people out there in a more dire need to seek a physician than myself; how are we taking care of them? California, get your act together and please take care of the people within your borders or you’ll find you don’t have any people left to screw around.

~I know this goes further than just CA, but since I don’t live in those states I’d like to stick with what I know and what I am personally experiencing . If you live in another state and are feeling the same anxiety feel free to write a comment.

Stay healthy people!!!!

“covered” California website

New screenplay

I woke up this morning and decided to get my old screenplay I had written in college out of my closet and finish it. I hope to have it in the next stage of editing by Christmas.
This is gonna be epic.

More to follow.