A Day in the Life

Since being in LA, it has been quite difficult explaining to my friends and family what it is that I am doing since they haven’t seen me as a lead in a film or TV show yet. It is hard for some people to understand that there are a million things going on behind the scenes. I thought I would share a bit of what a day can consist of as an actor pursuing their craft.

*Wake at 6 AM -workout ( gym or DVD such as P90x) to keep up with the tiniest people in the world
*8 AM Try to eat something before going to work and/or get to “work” online with:
-Emails to keep in touch with network connections
-Reading up on new projects on Backstage, IMDBPro, Casting About and 15 other sites that find their way into your email
-Submitting to projects in the hopes of auditions from Actors Access, LACasting and Casting Frontier etc.
-Call agent to see how they like your new pictures you spent $350 on for two pictures.
-going to an actual audition, be it from your own submission, your agent or a friend whose doing a short short film and they need your help, and they can’t pay you but you do it anyway.
* 7 PM Go to Evening activities after scarfing your face with a quick healthy flaxseed gluten free vegan, raw supplement to keep you going without the calories.
-Acting class (4 hour class)
-Improv class/ performance nights ( way fun!)
-Showcase ($75) where you get to act for up to one minute with 30 other people and scurry out before being too annoying to the casting director/agent you paid to see.
-seeing/performing in a show…the latter being much more fun. It’s important to see plays and movies coming out, and it’s the closest thing to a social life we actors have next to…
-industry events. This is where we schmooze and walk around pretending to be , “known” in the entertainment world. The, ” fake it ’til you make it mentality” is dripping at these networking shenanigans.
11 PM some people go home and recharge by going on Facebook to tell the world what they have done. Others pass out for the night. personally, I try to read something that has nothing to do with the industry like the Bible. This reminds me that the crazy world I live in is not for nothing. I have a purpose in this industry and the chaos that the day brings is no longer a bother, but I embrace it. I love acting and the crap that I have to crawl through in order to get it is a breeze when put into perspective.

Bring it on!

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