My birthday was this past weekend, and I decided to go back home to be with my family. They live in St. Louis where I was born. They also live in the same home where I was born, obviously they like change.

Our family has had a fair share of strange traditions, but today I thought I would let you in on our birthday tradition.

Every family member has grown accustomed to my Mother’s desire to continue on a birthday tradition that began with my oldest sister on her 1st birthday.

Back in the day, my Mother thought it would be precious to use, not a normal cake mold like normal families, but one in the shape of an animal, the most innocent and gentle animal; the lamb. Her lamb mold brought on a new and slightly morbid tradition that the birthday person was required to cut off the head of the lamb and eat it. We also had to decorate it anyway the birthday person wanted It; this usually ended up in a sugary mess. This tradition has grown to raise a few eyebrows with boyfriends and friends throughout the years. All the same, it’s not normal; I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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