I have only been to Disneyland one other time. It was a short and uneventful trip. This time, I was determined to make it EPIC!

Ever since I was a wee child I hade dreamt of being a Disney Princess. My sisters had that same dream. Now that all us girls were in town there was nothing stopping us from having that dream come true!

With us was my eldest sisters husband ( who secretly couldn’t wait to have pixie dust sprinkled on him) and our dearest friend, Jeane. She is obsessed with all things Disney and was a wonderful navigator through these parks.

We awoke at 5 AM, dressed and drove to Anaheim (no traffic-phew!). We parked by 7 AM and were welcomed with the opening marching band!

My good friend, Amy met us at the gate to give us a tour! She knew loads of insider stories that we were eager to hear!

Now, I have had a fear of roller coasters for a long time. I have a weak stomach and the slightest drop in an elevator sends my head a twirl. This being said, its odd that I have this fear when I love rock climbing and throwing myself into dangerous situations. I realize that it is the lack of control in a roller coaster that truly scares me. Toss me on mountain peak, and I can find my way out of danger but a roller coaster is its own beast.

Despite my fear, I did not want to lose my opportunity to defeat this fear at the most wonderful place on earth. I strapped in and took the plunge on California Screaming. Here is what became of that:


I am in the bottom left corner.

The ride was epic! We were in the last row which is the scariest. I screamed…a lot. Ask Jeane.

Other awesome rides in order of epicness: Space Mountain, Indiana jones, Soaring and the swings ride(my first trip I had the chance to do Matterhorn and the raft ride, but they were shut down this trip).

The many other rides were cute and Disney-esque. I thoroughly enjoyed the Aladdin show and the parades throughout the day. Everyone was full of such glee that it was contagious!!!

This day trip to Disney brought me closer to my family, and I loved every minute of it!



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