I began a three day juice fast yesterday to see what it would feel like. I had seen the documentaries on the benefits of juicing and thought it would be a nice kick start to the year ( I mean, the holidays are a great excuse to pig out and enjoy tasty treats, but it doesn’t make my body like me too much afterwards).
Day one wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I juiced four times. My favorite juice so far is made of mostly veggies:
Green apple

I also tried a new juice from Sun Cafe called the kale shake which ( only yesterday) tasted like amaretto liqueur. It did NOT taste that way when I had sipped it from a friends on Sunday. I am giving them another go tomorrow 🙂
Btw: Sun Cafe has GREAT shakes and treats for people juicing, eating vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free. A little expensive, but if you go…try the mint shamrock!!! Epic shake. Delightful.

I went to bed NOT hungry and woke up also, NOT hungry. It was wonderful and shocking.

I am on my third juice today, and I decided to branch out and try a new one. This juice contains:

Green apples

I blended it all and hoped more juice would come out of the spout, but alas this recipe resulted in this:


All that produce, and 10 ounces of “dinner”. Oh well. It tastes of tart lemonade. I have new recipes for tomorrow.

I shall sip and enjoy my green lemonade while watching some reruns of 30 Rock. Goodnight!


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