Better than a salad

This morning I woke up with no hunger pains! I decided to try the very odd juice called, “better than a salad” which consists of all veggies. Here is the link to the recipe as well as a few other fun ones!

This one started out like this:


And turned out like this:

I added kale and green beet leaves for fun…if you can call it that.

It tastes just like a salad would, only liquid form…it’s very strange. I’d recommend trying the fruitier ones before going all veggie or doing the green machine which was made famous by the documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Watch it. It’s great.

Anyway, so far I don’t have cravings, but I kinda can’t wait to have some eggs and veggies ( in whole form) tomorrow! More to come before that! One more juice to exploit!

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