Screenplay update

Writing a screenplay is very hard when you don’t have someone to keep you on a tight schedule.
So I have done just that.

After not getting what I wanted finished for the whole month of January,I asked a good friend to keep me accountable on writing the new scenes for this new script.

I have been reading the hilariously written book by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon titled, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit.

It’s not exactly the type of film I aspire to create, but it sure is giving me a lot of helpful tips and ideas in what my script is lacking.

So far, it is halfway done.

Now, I never considered myself a writer, but I take such delight in creating a world that has not been investigated and torn apart by others. As an actor, you share your creative world under the parameters set by the writer, Director, and a slew of other people who continually adjust how far you can allow your character to explore.
In writing, You ARE the artist, architect, and literal creator of what is real, imagined, and discovered in each new page.
It’s encouraging to know that I can go home after a long and busy day, and immerse myself in the world I’ve created and choose to take it down any path I choose.
What freedom!!
I encourage everyone to write; in a diary or journal and explore where your mind takes you. It’s a wonderful tool for healing, and for sparking something inside you that you may not have been aware of before! Now get to it!

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