Camp Gladiator

For a few months now I have been attending an outdoor bootcamp called, Camp Gladiator.
This intense workout changes everyday to keep your muscles from getting bored, and gets you to work out as hard as you can.
Ally Davidson ( winner of NBC’s American Gladiator) began Camp Gladiator in Austin,Texas.
It has spread to LA and is a fast spreading contagion that should inspire us all to live adventurously.

Their mission statement:

To positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.

It definitely is working for me. And hundreds of others in LA
I love going to camp. There are dozens in the LA area to choose from; each trainer has a unique way of teaching, but all are passionate about meeting your best potential in fitness ( without hurting or stretching you past your limits).
I love it so much, I made a quick video with the help of my cg friends, Brad Thompson, and Chuck Kovalik. Maybe this will give you a boost to come out and play!
Why I Love CG
Check out camp gladiators website as well! click me

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Live adventurously!

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